One to one, learn to cycle in about an hour for 4½+ year olds

How Cyclekids works

Cyclekids from Fox Cycling is a one-to-one, fun, fast and headache-free way to get children 4.5 +  years cycling in about an hour.

1) You book the session, which provides you with upto 3 x one to one sessions should you need them.

2) We provide the balance and pedal bike for the session. You bring the cycling helmet.

3) You sit back and watch and will do the rest.
We guarantee to get your child cycling confidently and happily.



Benefits of session

The one to one session/s follows a set of fun, progressive activities which aids child development while teaching the child cycle.

Communication and language

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical development

Using basic numbers

Meet Foxy and Friends

The stages to learning to cycle.

Foxy is the head of the gang, and brings his friends along to help children to pedal.

Maddy helps children to become confident and improve their balance before moving onto the bike.

Ozzy introduces and refines the concept of striding on a balance bike.

Eddy introduces and refines the concept of gliding on a balance bike.

Tommy introduces and refines safe braking.

Molly brings all the cycling skills together and enables children to pedal safely and confidently without stabilisers.

Don't be like the Clunk! He'd love to spoil the Foxy gang's fun, but the Clunk's heavy bike and stabilisers make it hard for him to keep up!

What Parents Say