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As a keen cycling enthusiast, around ten years ago Steve Fox noticed something that upset him day in, day out.​

Some parents can struggle for months to teach their child to ride which can create negativity around cycling in that family.

Those parents hate it. The kids hate it. And Steve hated seeing that so he started working on an idea.

Several years later, Steve has perfected a process that we can confidently say teaches most children to ride in less than an hour!

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Steve has successfully passed on this methodology to others meaning that they’ve been able to teach children to ride in their communities… usually within an hour too! 🙌

Meet Lee and Amy Chapman who run Fox Cycling in Bishop’s Stortford…

And here’s the REALLY exciting part! 🤩

In the next few years, we’re expanding Fox Cycling so that every community across the UK has access to a Fox Cycling instructor.

If you’ve been inspired by Steve’s passion and vision, then we’d love for you to join our ride by investing in our upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.

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Meet Sienna 👇

“Cycling presented challenges from day one for Sienna, with no solution despite many desperate hours of trying. Every time would end up in the acceptance of defeat and a return to the stabilisers. Sienna was simply terrified to even sit on a bike. By the time we’d considered Fox Cycling, it was so sad and incredibly frustrating to watch.”

Around 50 minutes after a shy Sienna arrived, looking apprehensive about what to expect, both she and Mum had huge grins on their faces as she flew past on her bike!

Is this a good investment opportunity?

Only you can decide if you think this is for you, but for every two children we teach to cycle, we sell three child specific bikes. On an average Saturday, teaching five children to ride, just one of our instructors can generate over £2,000 revenue! 

That means our franchisees are happy, our customers a certainly very happy and Fox Cycling’s business grows from strength to strength.

We’ve already got three locations up and running and we’re now raising this funding round to accelerate our growth across the UK in 2022. 🚀

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