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STEP 1- Ages 2½-5

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Group balance bike sessions

STEP 2 – Ages 4½+

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One to one learn to cycle in an hour


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By arrangement. Try before you buy

The kids' cycling experts

By arrangement. Learn to cycle, buy a bike. 

We believe in challenging the ‘learn to cycle’ status quo.  Learn to cycle before buying a bike .  This will save you time and money while giving you an enjoyable family experience and we just so happen to get kids’ cycling in an hour. 

Step 1. CycleTots

If you are a parent who likes to give your child an opportunity to learn life skills early, we have a great offering for you.

CycleTots is group  balance bike sessions for 2½ to 5 yrs, enabling your child to become ‘physically’ and ‘cognitively’ ready while also promoting child development through play and guided activities. 

  • Fun and easy going
  • Parents can join in or chat with friends
  • Reward and well done stickers given each week
  • Ideal for all abilities  

Step 2. CycleKids

If  you are a parent struggling to get your child cycling, we guarantee we have the solution. We teach 4½ + years to cycle in an hour.  

  • Cylekids removes the headache and backache and replaces it with enjoyment for you and your child. 
  • Our fun, progressive process using balance bikes guarantees we will get you child cycling happily and confidently so you can cycle as a family.   

Step 3. Buy a bike

If your child has a heavy superhero branded bike, you will be amazed how easy your child will cycle a   ‘lightweight child specific bike’. 

  • By arrangement, try before you buy
  • We can even bring the bikes to your home.

Meet Foxy and Friends

Helping children to pedal

Foxy is the head of the gang, and brings his friends along to help children to pedal.

Maddy helps children to become confident and improve their balance before moving onto the balance bike.

Ozzy introduces and refines the concept of striding on a balance bike.

Eddy introduces and refines the concept of gliding on a balance bike.

Tommy introduces and refines safe braking.

Molly brings all the skills and confidence together and introduces the wonder of pedalling.

Don't be like 'the Clunk'. He can't join the fun because he uses stabilisers and a heavy toy bike.

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Were you aware that 50% of 6 year olds in the UK cannot cycle? Could you partner with us to change lives while building a great business?