CycleTots Balance Bike Classes

super-fun, group balance bike classes | for ages 2.5 to 5 years

Fun & games on balance bikes to help little ones develop the core skills & confidence they need to become ready for pedals.

What is CycleTots?

  • CycleTots is our super fun group balance bike classes that help little ones…
    – develop the core skills of balancing, striding and gliding with our Mr Fox and Friends characters
    – grow in confidence on their balance bikes through games and challenges
  • Perfect for children aged 2.5 to 5 years old of all ability levels
  • No bike or helmet? No problem. Your instructor can sort you out with both. 
  • Ask your instructor about hiring our balance bikes, from £7.49 per month on our Pedal Plan bike subscription.
  • Classes are term time only – join at any point during the term!
  • As well as community classes, we also run in nurseries and schools
Fox Tshirt

Our Fabulous Welcome Pack: £14.50

We love helping children feel a sense of belonging and excitement at CycleTots. Our welcome pack is designed to do just that! Grab one during your tasters if you want to (but no obligation!). Or wait until full sign up.

It includes:

  • A cute Fox Cycling t-shirt to wear to class
  • A ‘learning journey’ sticker book for children to collect stickers each week to track their progress.
  • Weekly star stickers and character stickers
  • A free pedal-ready-assessment worth £15. (Your CycleTots instructor will advise when your child would benefit from this) 
  • 10% off birthday parties (in areas where these are offered)

Meet our CycleTots characters!

Mr Fox & Friends help children to balance, stride, glide & brake!

Mr Fox

Mr Fox is head of the gang. He inspires children to love being on their bikes and to always wear a helmet.​

Maddy the Meerkat

Maddy is marvellous at balancing. She encourages children to improve their balance on their bikes.

Ozzy the Ostrich

Ozzy is outstanding at striding. He encourages children to make wide strides on their balance bike.

Eddy the Eagle

Eddy is excellent at gliding. He encourages children to lift their feet and enjoy gliding on their bikes

Tommy the Tortoise

Tommy is careful and cautious. He encourages children to practice their braking safely.


Don’t be like The Clunk! The Clunk’s heavy bike and stabilisers make it hard for him to keep up!

Benefits of CycleTots

CycleTots is underpinned with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS)

Communication and language

Expressive art and design (home learning)

Understanding the world

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical development

Literacy (picture board activities)

Basic maths

Say NO to stabilisers

Fox Cycling has taught thousands of children to cycle and it is clear stabilisers are the worst thing  to use to teach children to cycle for the following reasons: 

  1. They teach a child NOT to balance. 
  2. They promote lazy core strength
  3. They encourage ‘backwards’ pedalling
  4. They teach the child to lean the wrong way when turning. 

Balance bikes are the solution and can be used as soon as a child has learnt to walk.  We can help recommend a great, lightweight balance bike for your little one. Just give us a call!