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We’ve designed Pedal Plan as an affordable and convenient way for you to ensure your child always has the right size bike as they grow.

What is Pedal Plan?

Pedal Plan is a bike subscription service that enables your child to enjoy riding an amazing bike, without the hefty price tag. Instead, you just pay a low monthly fee! We really want to inspire kids to love cycling. And we know that riding a lightweight, well-designed bike makes cycling sooo much easier and more enjoyable. We also know that such bikes come with a higher price-tag, making things expensive as your child keeps growing and needing a bigger bike.


Pedal Plan solves this problem. With low monthly payments and no strings attached, Pedal Plan removes any financial barriers to enjoying fantastic bikes and is great for the environment as our pre-loved bikes continue on as ReBikes!

So, how does Pedal Plan work?

  1. Try before you buy: Your child can try out our lightweight, child-specific bikes to ensure they get the correct size. 
  2. Choose your amazing bike: If you’re getting a pedal bike, choose from either a brand new bike in the colour of your choice, or a ReBike (a serviced, pre-loved bike) if we have one available in your size. If you are getting a Vitus balance bike, these are usually ReBikes (still in great condition) or occasionally new bikes.
  3. Expert build & set up: Your chosen bike will be built, serviced and set up by a trained bike builder, ready to go.
  4. Low fee: You pay a low monthly fee (rather than a high, outright cost).
  5. Easy trade up to the correct size: Whenever your child needs a bigger bike, you trade up: Simply book a ‘Bike Sizing’ slot to be sized up for your next bike and return your existing bike. We cancel your old payment plan and you go onto a new Pedal Plan for your bigger bike. No making do with a bike that is too small!
  6. No strings: Of course, you can leave Pedal Plan instead of trading up. See questions 2, 3 & 4 in the FAQs here below. 

Got questions?

Our pedal bikes are all lightweight, amazing Squish bikes. 

Our balance bikes are lightweight Vitus or Hornit bikes.  We also offer the Squish Mini balance bike if your child is too small for a Vitus, or the Squish 14″ balance bike if your child is too tall for a Vitus.

You can keep your bike for as long or as little as you would like. When your child outgrows their bike (usually between 12 to 24 months), simply come back for a ‘bike sizing session’ and trade up to the next size bike. However, if you’ve had your bike less than 12 months and choose to return it (either to trade up or simply return), there is an early return charge unless you purchase Pedal Plan Protection Cover.

So long as you’ve had the bike for 12 months or more and return it to your local Fox Cycling instructor in good condition, there are no additional charges, although we would be sad to see you go! Please note: Your direct debit payment is processed 3 to 5 days before it goes out of your bike. So be sure to return your bike at least 5 days before your monthly payment date to avoid paying for an extra month. 

If you’ve purchased Pedal Plan Protection Cover (£2 per month) and return the bike to your local Fox Cycling instructor, then there are no additional charges no matter when you return it (so long as the bike is in good condition).

Without Pedal Plan Protection Cover there are early return charges if you are returning the bike in less than 12 months: 

  • Balance Bike ReBike: £15.99 
  • Balance Bike New : £19.99
  • Pedal Bike ReBike: £19.99 
  • Pedal Bike New: £24.99

Early return charges can be found in the full terms and conditions of your contract.

Pedal Plan Protection Cover is an additional monthly fee of £2.00 that allows you to return the bike within 12 months and avoid an early return charge. It also reduces costs in the event of theft of the bike. 

Our network of partners continues to expand and can be found on our website but if you are unable to return it to one of these a courier option is available for £19.99.

We expect our bikes to be used, that’s what they are there for. We also appreciate that they are being used by children! Thankfully the bikes you are loaning are robust. We accept typical wear and tear such as small scratches, dings and scuffs on the hand grips. 

Simply contact your local Fox Cycling instructor and arrange a suitable time. Give the bike a clean and that’s it! 

Thankfully theft of children’s bikes is relatively low but it does happen. If you’ve purchased Pedal Plan Protection simply provide us with a crime number and your monthly payments will stop while we arrange another bike. There will be a £25.00 administrative fee that applies. If you haven’t opted for Pedal Plan Protection you will be liable for the replacement cost of the bike which we will keep as low as possible. 

Yes, as you can appreciate larger bikes cost more for us to purchase so inevitably the monthly fee increases. We do try and keep the costs as low as possible and our (Rebike) pre-loved bike options help even further. 

Yes, your purchase is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and so you have 14-day cooling off period although you would still be liable for any excessive wear and tear on the bike. 

What about the cost?

Pedal Plan Protection Cover (PPPC) is £2 per month

Green Hornit balance bike
Balance Bike 12" (Vitus, Hornit or Squish mini)