Bike Sizing

The best way to find the right size bike is to try before you buy!

A bike sizing guide is only a guide. The very best way to make sure you find the bike that your child is most comfortable riding, is to come and give them a try!

What is a Bike Sizing slot?

  • A FREE one-to-one, 10 – 15 minute slot with a cycling expert.
  • A chance for your child to try our range of lightweight bikes designed especially for children to make riding as easy and fun as possible.
  • Expert input from your cycling instructor as to the correct size bike for your child, taking into account which size your child feels most comfortable riding.
    We kindly request that you only book a Bike Sizing slot if you are intending to purchase a bike with Fox Cycling.  

We only offer lightweight, child-specific bikes, that are designed to make riding as easy and as fun as possible for children. 

  •  Squish and Frog pedal bikes
  • Squish and Vitus balance bikes 
We offer two options on bike purchase:

1. Outright purchase (own your shiny new bike; sell it on when your child outgrows it)

2. Bike subscription service called Pedal Plan (low monthly fee, brand new bike, trade your bike in for the next size up when it gets too small)


Say NO to stabilisers

Fox Cycling has taught thousands of children to cycle and it is clear stabilisers are the worst thing  to use to teach children to cycle for the following reasons: 

  1. They teach a child NOT to balance
  2. They promote lazy core strength
  3. They encourage ‘backwards’ pedalling
  4. They teach the child to lean the wrong way when turning. 

Balance bikes are the solution and can be used as soon as a child has learnt to walk.  We can help recommend a great, lightweight balance bike for your little one. Just give us a call!