CycleKids Bike Lessons for Kids

one-to-one, 'learn to cycle in an hour' sessions | for 4.5 years plus

Want to get your child cycling confidently and happily? We can certainly help.

No matter what your situation – whether your child has become fearful of cycling; or whether they face particular challenges and difficulties; or whether you simply want to help your child transition easily onto pedals – our CycleKids sessions are designed to ensure your child’s ‘learn to cycle’ experience is relaxed and fun, enabling them to grow in confidence and gain the invaluable lifeskill of cycling. 

How does CycleKids work?

  • CycleKids is our one-to-one, ‘learn to cycle’ sessions that offer a fun, fast and stress-free teaching method that often gets children cycling in under an hour! 
  • Perfect for children aged 4.5 years plus.
  • Easy, progressive activities so your child feels gently guided through the process, building their confidence as they go.
  • If your child doesn’t learn to cycle during their first session, you simply come back for further sessions until they can cycle. No extra fee. You receive as many sessions as it takes to get your child cycling.
  • We provide the balance and pedal bikes for the session. You bring your cycling helmet (if you have one).
  • You sit back and watch. We will do the rest!

Benefits of the session

Communication and language

Personal, social and emotional development

Physical development

Using basic numbers

What parents say ...