Bike Lessons for Kids in Bishop's Stortford, Dunmow & Braintree

One-to-one learn to cycle in an hour | Recommended age 4.5 years plus

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CycleKids is a one-to-one, learn to cycle session using a fun, fast, stress-free teaching method that often gets children confidently cycling in less than an hour! No matter what your situation – whether your child is fearful of cycling or whether they face particular challenges or whether you simply want to help your child transition easily onto pedals – our CycleKids sessions are designed to ensure your child’s ‘learn to cycle’ experience is relaxed and fun, enabling them to gain the invaluable lifeskill of cycling. If your child doesn’t learn in their first session, no problem. We book you onto another session, no extra charge.

If your child is under the age of 4.5 years OR has previously used stabilisers OR has never been on a balance bike before, we strongly recommend that you first book a 15-minute Pedal Ready Assessment to help us offer you the best course of action for your child. 

If you live further afield and feel unable to come in for an assessment, please get in touch (email or call your local instructor) so that we can further advise you on what to do next. 

We provide all the bikes needed for your CycleKids session and can also provide a helmet. We sell both high-quality helmets and incredible, lightweight bikes. We strongly advise that you don’t buy a bike before you child learns to cycle. This is because the best way to find the right size bike, is to first get your child cycling. They can then try different size bikes to find the most comfortable fit for them. 


If you already have a bike or a helmet  – absolutely do bring them along so that we can fit them properly and offer any helpful advice on sizing and suitability.

Amy is our fabulous instructor in Bishop Stortford.

Any questions? We’d love to help.

Amy: | 07547 499 017

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