Pedal Ready Assessment

Is your child ready for pedals? Find out with an expert one-to-one assessment.

Are you wondering if your child is ready to learn to cycle? Book a Pedal Ready Assessment to find out!

What is a Pedal Ready Assessment?

  • A one-to-one, 10 – 15 minute assessment 
  • A series of short, fun challenges to see how physically ready for pedals your child is
  • Time on the turbo trainer to practice pedalling forwards in a safe way, to see how cognitively ready for pedals your child is
  • Expert advice on the next ‘learn to cycle’ steps for your child
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A Pedal Ready Assessment (PRA) is £15
You can then receive £10 discount when you book a CycleKids or CycleTots session.

Say NO to stabilisers

Fox Cycling has taught thousands of children to cycle and it is clear stabilisers are the worst thing  to use to teach children to cycle for the following reasons: 

  1. They teach a child NOT to balance
  2. They promote lazy core strength
  3. They encourage ‘backwards’ pedalling
  4. They teach the child to lean the wrong way when turning. 

Balance bikes are the solution and can be used as soon as a child has learnt to walk.  We can help recommend a great, lightweight balance bike for your little one. Just give us a call!